Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday night running group

Every Thursday night I run with a group.  We meet at the running store, whoever shows up, and we run.  We have fun.
Tonight we ran through a couple of subdivisions that are near the running store and called it a Christmas Light Run.  We did see some really nicely decorated houses and yards.  One house had a pine tree in the yard done in blue lights, it was so cool.  When we returned to the store we had chili and other food and we watched the Grinch movie.  One of the group members who sings opera sang a few songs for us too, that was nice and we all enjoyed it. 

Today was my last class of the semester!  I am oficially done!  I got 4.0 in both classes so I am one extremely happy little nerd right now!!  I have 3 weeks off until next semester starts.  I am going to try to get some cleaning done in my house and my car.  My car looks like I live in it.  I need this break!

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