Sunday, December 6, 2009

Octogenarian Marathoner

I stumbled upon an article about a dude who is 80 years young and still running marathons!  He recently ran his 456th marathon and he didn't even start running until he was 51 years old!! WOW!  That is an average of 15 per year!  The article says his record is 24 in one year. GEEZ, that's 2 per month! I couldn't even run without pain for 7 weeks after my last marathon.  (makes one wonder why I'd want to do it again!)  He ran a marathon ON his 80th birthday even!!
His first marathon time was 3:53:45, that's faster than I've ever run one.  His PR was at age 58 with 3:00:12. WOWWWW!!  He has run 10 Bostons with a PR of 3:04:25, also at age 58. (only a week after the 3 hour PR!)  He's been slowing down these days; the last time he ran a sub 4 hour marathon was in 2003 at age 73 (3:59:01).  His fastest marathon of 2009 (so far, he still has 2 more to run this year) was 5:22:19.  He is running Boston in 2010 according to the article.  The qualifying time for 80 years is 5 hours so he must have qualified late in 2008 at a race that was a qualifier for 2010.  For having run 456 marathons he's only run them in 37 different states. The author of the article said he is in "octogenarian overdrive"!!  I guess so!  This dude is not spending his retirement in a rocking chair!
YOU ROCK, Bob Dolphin!!  Go kick age group butt at Boston 2010!!!!!!

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