Sunday, December 13, 2009

18 more down, 34.3 to go!!

Ran 18 miles this week so I only need 34.3 more to hit 1000 for the year!
I studied at the Library today.  There was something going on at the theater which is in the building right next to the library, that parking lot was full and the lot in front of the library had a lot of cars in it when I got there, I had to park way out which is unusual for a Sunday.  When I came out of the library 3.5 hrs later the lots were nearly empty and my car was wayyyyyy out there all by itself! 

Friday night at the party for my running group the boyfriend of one of the ladies proposed during the gift exchange!!  I have never seen anyone propose in real life before.  We do a gift exchange where we all bring a gift then we do the draw numbers thing and pick a gift when our number is called.  One of the gifts was a banner rolled up and when the person who picked it opened it there was a note on it that said something like get a friend to help you unroll this.  It was a long banner asking her to marry him.  She had her back turned and was talking to someone as the rest of us were figuring out what it said!!  It was really cool and she said yes and he gave her a ring!!  They have been together for a long time.  oh, yeah, the person who picked that "gift" then got to pick a real gift!!  It was the highlight of the night!!

Tomorrow is my last day to study for my Bio final then I take the test Tuesday at 11 then I am DONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  I will wear my running clothes under sweats and go for a wonderful long run after class on Tuesday!!!!!!!  After my run I will check online for my grade, gotta love it, within 2 hours after taking an exam the grades are posted online!!  

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