Friday, December 11, 2009

10 degrees, windy & 11 nutty people out running in the dark

10 degrees, windy, 11 nutty people running on the sidewalk along Jackson Rd. wearing reflective vests and headlamps.  Yep, that's normal. 
It was COLD out there.  I wore a new pair of Asics winter tights that I bought in the middle of summer at a big sidewalk sale at the running store.  I like them, they fit good and they look ok on me but I'm not sure if they are as warm as my Underarmour Coldgear tights.  We just did a simple out and back on Jackson Rd tonight.  The "out" went fine, the "back" was into the wind.  My face felt like after dental work!  Right now the thought of training for a spring marathon isn't very appealing.   Maybe we are getting all the nasty weather out of the way now and come February it will be 30s to 40s, no snow and sunny!!  Yeah, right.  If I do decide to do  Bayshore, Feb 6 is the day I need to start the training but there is that little detail of base building between now and then.  I JUST DON'T KNOW. 
In other things...
Today I gave my presentation in my English class.  I got a 100%!!!! (within the next couple days I'm going to make a blog post of my presentation subject, it's an interesting story of a woman who was ahead of her time in the 1930s)  I will get a 4.0 for the class!! I also got my writing portfolio back.  I got 100% on that too.  (300 of 300 points)  My teacher wrote that I should write "in your own voice" more.  I'm not really sure what he means.  I am not a good writer and never have been.  I am glad that class is done even though we still have to go next Thursday.  My final in Human Bio is Tuesday and that class will be done, the teacher isn't holding class on Thursday.  As of right now I have 99.3 in Bio so as long as I don't have a total disaster on the final I will end up with a 4.0 in that class too!  I have some studying to do this weekend.

Tomorrow night is the Holiday party for the running group that I've had to miss out on this semester.  I found a great gift for the gift exchange, it's a necklace with a little running girl on it!!  It is so cool.  
Next Thursday night we are having a Christmas party at the running store after the group run.  We are going to do a short run through a couple of subdivisions that are near the store (Christmas light gawking) then back to the store for FOOD!!!!!!!!!! We are also going to watch the Grinch movie.  It will be fun.  I just hope the running store remembers to put something in the weekly e-newsletter next week; they forgot to this week.
That's about it for now.

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