Saturday, December 26, 2009

1000 miles!!!!!

I didn't even realize it but I passed 1000 miles on Thursday morning!!
I ran 10 miles earlier today.  Maybe I should say I covered 10 miles on foot as it was more like waddling!  I ate soooooo much yesterday.  Garmie says 1141 calories burned today so that might cover the ice cream.
This was one of those days that I wish I carried a camera running.  When I was just getting started it was snowing.  It was bright and sunny and the big white snow flakes just looked so cool!  There was a dusting of snow on the ground of the wooded trail I started on and the snowflakes floating around and the very cold looking, fast moving river beside me made for a very scenic run.  It snowed on and off during my run.  The wooden bridges and boardwalks were slippery but the rest of the trails were good.  I stepped in a deep puddle about 2.5 miles in and my left foot got wet.  I had to turn around and go back on one of the trails because it was completely under water at one point.  It is a boardwalk that goes over a stream and today the water was covering the boardwalk. 
It was around 25 degrees.  My winter running gear keeps me warm but as soon as I stop running I am freezing.  I went to the restroom after I finished running and as soon as I came out of the building and started walking to my car I was freezing and ended up running to the car.  The fancy wicking clothes keep your skin dry as you are running but as soon as you stop all that sweat that somehow comes to the outside all goes right back through to the inside and it is ice cold! 
I wore the hat my sister gave me for Christmas.  It works! My head was warm, the inside of the hat was dry and the outside was soaked when I took it off, that's how it's supposed to be! 
Well, I need a nap but I also need to attempt to get my house back to normal too.  My daughter and I may go to a movie tonight too.  Just sitting back and watching a good movie sounds so relaxing right now! 
runner of 1000 miles!

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