Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's official

I got my final grade for Human Bio class, I got my 4.0!!!!  I got the highest grade on the final! 
I didn't do much today, my first day of freedom!!  I spent some time with my niece whom I haven't seen in over a month. 
I have to go to my english class tomorrow, I'm not sure why as we are all done with everything and there is no written final.  The teacher said it's a scheduled class so there has to be class.  Oh well. 

I got the books for one of my classes of next semester used from someone who just finished the class.  It is a computer class, intro to computers.  There are 2 huge, heavy books that I will have to lug around in my backpack.  I got them for half the price they are selling for in the bookstore and I was looking through them and there is no writing in them, they are like new!!  My other class, medical terminology, is switching to a new edition of the textbook so I will not be able to buy a used book from anyone. 

Tomorrow night is a Christmas Party after running group!  I just finished making some really yummy white chocolate/cranberry brownie thingys!!  I will make a crock pot of chili tomorrow before going to class.  We are going to run through some subdivisions that are near the running store and call it a christmas light run then go back to the store for food! We are also going to watch a Christmas movie, I'm not sure which one.  Should be fun. 

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