Sunday, January 10, 2010

Disney Goofy Challenge weekend

This is Disney Goofy Challenge weekend!
I know of two people who are doing Goofy's Challenge this year.  Goofy's Challenge is running the Disney half marathon on Saturday and the following day running the full marathon, that's 39.3 miles over 2 days. Today was the half marathon.
One of the friends put on facebook that it was 28 degrees and rained during the race this morning.  28 degrees and rain at DISNEY??? No way.  A check of reveals 29 degrees for tomorrow morning. 
I seriously considered doing this.  During the summer (before my hamstring pulling began)  they decided to increase the limit for Goofy's Challenge since it was the 5th anniversary and registration was re-opened.  My friend informed me of this fact and tried to talk me into doing it.  I really want to do it someday, in fact I was the one who turned this friend on to doing it.  Friend had never heard of it until I mentioned it one day during a group run.  I sure thought about it when I found out.  This is one of those things you have to know you are going to do when they open registration, in this case nearly a year ahead, and it fills up fast.  Now I am really glad I didn't do it.  I know you can't control the weather and every time I sign up for a race I know there is a chance of horrible weather.  I have run 2 half marathons and a 25K and a few 5Ks  in pouring rain over the years.  I really really hope that the year I finally do Goofy's Challenge that it is a beautiful day.  This is not an event for PRs but one to have a lot of fun.  I plan to run slow and take a lot of pictures when I am finally doing it.   I will graduate in December, 2012 so I may plan to do Goofy's Challenge in January, 2013.  I will have to be ready in January 2012 when registration opens so I can get my spot!  We'll see.

Back here in Michigan:  I ran 5 miles today with a group from the Y.  12 degrees. Cold.

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