Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a weekend

My last post was made Saturday late afternoon bragging about getting out and running.  It's a good thing I went on that run because I have not been able to since then.
Saturday night my daughter came home from her friends house and I heard her say "Mom, I'm sick".  I really didn't think that much of it.   A little while later I found her in the bathroom on the floor rolling from side to side.  She was having abdominal pain.  My first thought was appendix.   Took her to the ER at 11pm.  Yep, it was her appendix.  Fortunately it was not in danger of rupturing.  But, not being in danger of rupturing meant that they wouldn't be calling the surgeon in but waiting until he came in at 6am.  We spent the night in the ER.  She was taken for surgery at 7:30am.  The surgery went well and she was moved to a hospital room.  I got to go home for a little while Sunday afternoon to shower and change and gather some things she wanted. 
I was able to nap in a recliner chair in her room but I never really got to sleep. 
She was allowed to have her laptop computer in her room and there was wireless internet.  She had the staff amused all day long with her Facebook updates!!  Actually, she was updating her Facebook from the time she went into the ER with her Ipod.  She also had a steady stream of text messages coming and going most of the night.  The whole world knew that she was there and was going to have her appendix out in the morning!! 
Sunday night she was suddenly wide awake.  She was carrying on multiple chats as I was falling asleep in the chair.  She told me that I could go home which actually sounded like a good idea to me.  Her nurses expected her to be discharged first thing in the morning.  I felt really guilty leaving, I almost turned around and went back.  She sent me a couple text messages saying she was fine.  I sent a quick email to my parents and sisters and a couple of close friends then I went to bed.  It felt so good to lay down. 
She called me Monday morning around 7.  The Dr had been in and discharged her and she wanted me to come get her immediately!  I got up and got dressed, I was dragging.  She was eating breakfast when I got there.  The nurses came in with her instructions.  They didn't want her to go, she was their easiest patient!  She was their only patient who could get up without help!  We left the hospital about 10am.  Had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to get perscriptions.  She slept a lot of the day.  I was exhausted last night.  I am still exhausted tonight. 
She was not able to shower until this morning.  She was the happiest person in the world after her shower!! (she had also just taken a vicodin!)  She did not take any more Vicodin during the day because she wanted to meet friends for dinner which meant driving her car.   She didn't have any problems driving and had a good time.  She goes back to college Sunday and classes start Monday and I think she will be ok to head back.  I'm glad this didn't happen next weekend.  (so is she)
So,  I am hoping to catch up on my sleep tonight and feel normal again tomorrow.  I also realized that I hadn't run in 2 days.  So much for my year being off to a "running" start!!! Oh well. 
I posted my biology class books on Craigslist and haven't had one response yet.  (well, no real responses!)  My daughter said that people won't be looking until the end of this week.  (classes start Monday)   Maybe I should put in my ad that I got a 4.0 in the class so my book would be a lucky book!!  yeah right!! 
OK, time for bed
Runner Nerd, exhausted Mom

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