Thursday, January 28, 2010

No running group

A gigantic suicidal deer abruptly halted my journey to running group tonight.  It lept from the side of the road right into the side of my Jeep, I never saw it coming.  It hit me, I didn't hit it.  I didn't run over it, it hit and flung back onto the side of the road. 
Fortunately, I can still drive it until I can get it repaired.  It's been parked in the garage for over 2 hours now and nothing liquid has leaked out.  The headlights are intact but the right turn signal is gone.  The thingy that the bulb plugs into is still there and the wire seems to be intact so we are going to try plugging a bulb in and see what happens. 

Two men stopped.  One of them wanted the deer so at least the deer is going to be food for somebody!! 
My Jeep is very sad, I am too.  I feel like I let her down and didn't protect her.  All of the damage is on the front right side so I am positive that it will be repaired and not totaled.  I luv my diesel Jeep and would never be able to find another one.  She was the Jeep that nobody wanted and I rescued her!!!  I was looking for a used Jeep Liberty and stumbled on that one; it was 2 years old yet had never been owned, most likely because it was a diesel.  The dealership wanted to sell it badly and I got a really good deal.  For the first time in my grown up life I was looking for a used vehicle which was depressing.  (Kids in college changes your way of life fast)  So I was able to get a new vehicle after all and I have the lowest car payment that I've ever had!! 
Soooooooo, I will be the one in the navy blue Jeep Liberty missing it's front passenger side fender and turn signal and with a dent in the passenger door.  Don't laugh at me!

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