Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Running

After work today I went to my favorite place to run-Bandemer Park in Ann Arbor.  I don't know what the temp was, probably in the 20s.  I changed in the back seat of my jeep as usual (the reason tinted windows were invented!).  This is the first winter I've ever run there.  This is the 2nd time I've run there since it has snowed.  I forgot to take my yak trax.  (actually they are "fake" yak trax--Target cheapies)  I needed them.   It wasn't snowing when I started but somewhere along the way began snowing.  As I was approaching my favorite part of the run--the wooded trail beginning near the Argo Canoe Launch I noticed that it was snowing.  I sure wish I had a camera with me, I'd have driven over there after my run and taken a picture.  Running toward the entrance to the woods with the ground and tree branches already covered with snow and the snow falling was quite a sight.  I got the thought to take pictures from this viewpoint in every season.  (for some reason I seem to make all kinds of plans when running!)  It was difficult running through the woods with the snow but it was an enjoyable run.  It is a much different view in the winter.  Argo Pond is frozen and there are animal tracks going across it.  I felt so lucky while running through the woods.  Mainly just because I CAN!!  I felt very healthy and very alive and adventurous in the woods; just me, winter running gear, winter trail running shoes and Garmy!!  I thought about people running on treadmills in gyms and they don't know what they are missing.  It takes twice as long to dress for an outside winter run and you have triple the sweaty stinky clothes to wash...ok, now I am beginning to question the sanity!!  Well, it couldn't have been too bad because I saw other people out running too!!  If I remember right I saw 6 other runners during my run. 
One thing that crossed my mind today while running along slowly through the snow with bad footing was, is this effective for training for a marathon in the spring?  I feel like I am using the same effort as I would if I was running a 9 minute pace because of the bad footing and the snow.  My average pace today was 10:22.  Sometimes I really had a hard time if the snow was deep and if there were already a bunch of tracks through it.  To train for a 4 hour marathon I need to be running faster than that. 

I start classes again on Wednesday.  I sure have enjoyed having a break.  I'm kinda excited about doing the college thing again.  (geez, I really am a nerd!)

Well, it's time for bed. 

Runner Nerd
winter runner

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