Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm a delinquent DVD renter

Thursday afternoon I rented a DVD at Blockbuster and the clerk informed me that I had an overdue DVD from over a week ago.  OOPS!!  I was sure that I had returned it.  I told her it was possible that it was in the car and I'd look.  She let me rent the one I wanted to rent and said that if I find the overdue one when I get home to call in and tell them that I found a DVD that I had forgotten to return.  I said I'd do that if I didn't find it in the car.  It wasn't in the car but when I got home guess what I found laying on the dining room table!!  I called the store and told her that I found it.  She told me to return it as soon as I could and I wouldn't be charged  extra.  What she said next really surprised me.  She said, "I wish all customers who have this happen were as nice as you."  Geez, are people really that bad when they themselves forget to return a DVD?????   I was rather embarrassed when I realized that I was delinquent in returning the DVD.
I returned the DVD today and took it in and gave it to the clerk who was working there today.  He scanned it and said I didn't owe anything!!! 
Sooooooo, the moral of the story nice to the Blockbuster clerk and they won't charge you for an overdue DVD!!!

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