Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my fellow Thursday night running groupies posted this on our google group this morning:

"The weather looks delightful for Polar Bears. At 6pm we can expect 18
degree temps and dropping. Winds 15 -21 mph. Snow flurries as well. So
we will start into the wind so it pushes us back home."

 I have to this normal????  Most likely, people will not feel the need to yell their absurdities out their car windows in this weather!!!  
I am going to dress in the 2 most expensive pieces of clothing that I own (yes, that's true)  my Underarmour cold gear tights and shirt.  Over top of them I will wear a pair of lighter weight running pants and another winter running top,  and depending on the wind may wear a jacket too.  AND....of course, the dorky reflective vest and headlamp! 

Off for a run
Runner Nerd

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